Michael Rosenstein

Michael Rosenstein explores the interaction of acoustic and electronic sounds in collectively improvised settings and compositional frameworks. Process is central to his practice. This includes building and modifying sound-gathering devices, amplified surfaces, salvaged instruments, and simple oscillators. It extends to gathering recordings at ocean beaches, bogs, subways, city walks, and as part of architectural investigations utilizing microphones, photo diodes, contact microphones, hydrophones, and electromagnetic sensors. He develops these raw sonic sources, transforming, distressing, and combining them, and feeding off of the unstable sonic results.


His process culminates in solo performances and ongoing collaborations with musicians including Jesse Collins and Howard Martin (as Variant State),  Steve Norton, Angela Sawyer, and Vic Rawlings, as well as ad hoc performances with musicians such as José Rivera, Arkm Foam, Seamus Williams, Mickey O’Hara, and Abdul Sherzai.

His efforts in building and supporting a local sonic community in New England are equally essential to his sonic practice, fostering opportunities for local artists and visiting national and international musicians to work together and perform in a variety of contexts. He is a board member, treasurer, and Operations Manager of Non-Event, a Boston-based concert series devoted to presenting experimental music from New England and around the world. He has been co-producing the music series at Washington Street Arts in Somerville since 2012 and produces the Variations Music series at Bromfield Gallery in Boston since 2018.

He writes about improvised and composed music for the web sites Point of Departure and Dusted. He has contributed to Cadence Magazine, Signal to Noise Magazine, One Final Note, and Paris Transatlantic.


Solo on Rare Frequency (WZBC) 4/27/2017



Solo at Weirdo Records 7/23/2013

Duo with Jesse Collins at Distant Castle, Worcester, 7/21/2018


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