Michael Rosenstein

Michael Rosenstein lives in Medford, MA. He spent many years of careful listening, writing about music, and supporting the Boston music scene, before diving in to the practice of improvisation. He makes his own instruments out of contact mics, electronic circuits, motors, everyday objects, and amplified surfaces, strings and springs.

He explores the interaction of acoustic and electronic sounds in collectively improvised settings. In his music, he uses amplified surfaces, oscillators and home-made electronics, distressed field recordings, harmonics and overtones, exploiting and feeding off of the resultant unstable sonic events.

He regularly performs as a member of Variant State as well as with musicians and groups including Angela Sawyer, Arkm Foam, Seth Cluett, Vic Rawlings, Grizzler and others. He was a member of the groups HMQ and Deluezer.

He has also been co-producing the music series at Washington Street Arts in Somerville since 2012.